Remove The Seat On A Harleydavidson 1200 Xlh Trike

Motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson come in many models. Many owners customize their bikes by adding optional equipment and accessories. One model that you may own is the 1200 XLH, which is a trike, or three-wheeled motorcycle. One way to give the bike your personal touch is by replacing the existing seat with a new one.


Remove the Seat

1. Find the tab for the retaining bolt, located at the rear of the seat. Remove the retaining bolt with the Phillips screwdriver and set it aside.

2. Push on the rear of the seat to move it forward. This will release the slot for the seat that is connected to the frame post.

3. Pull up on the back end of the seat. Pull the seat to the right, to release the seat tab from the frame. Lift the seat up and off the bike.

Install the Seat

4. Place the seat back on the bike and push it forward to attach the seat tab to the frame.

5. Pull the seat backwards to attach the seat slot to the frame post.

6. Insert the retaining bolt into the seat tab. Secure the retaining bolt with the Phillips screwdriver.