Remove The Sissy Bar On A Harley Davidson Dyna

Harley-Davidson frequently equips the Dyna Glide models with a passenger backrest (“sissy bar”) mounted just behind the passenger seat. This sissy bar adds a degree of security and comfort for the passenger. It prevents the passenger from sliding off the back of the bike during rapid acceleration, and acts as a backrest to support the passenger and allow for a more relaxed ride. Sissy bars are mounted on the fender struts by a pair of side plates that are easily removed.


1. Cover the rear fender with clean shop rags or a blanket to protect the paint from dropped tools or fasteners.

2. Loosen the retainer screws located on the inside edge of the side plates with a wrench. Back the screws out enough to release the clamp pressure on the sissy bar.

3. Lift straight up on the sissy bar to disengage it from the side plates. Remove the sissy bar from the bike with care and lay it aside.

4. Remove the two fender-mounting screws from one side of the fender strut with an Allen wrench if you wish to also remove the side plates. Lift the side plates off of the fender strut.

5. Apply threadlocker on the fender mounting screws. Harley-Davidson specifies Loctite Threadlocker #243 (blue) for this purpose. Install and torque the screws to 12 to 18 ft-lbs. with a torque wrench. Repeat the process on the other side.