Remove Wallpaper From Unprimed Drywall

It is possible to remove wallpaper from an unprimed drywall surface.

It is customary to apply a primer onto drywall before wallpapering to ensure a proper bond and to make removal easier. If you have wallpaper on an unprimed piece of drywall, however, you can still remove it with a straightforward process. Properly score, then apply a wallpaper stripping gel for effective and safe removal. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Place drop cloths at the base of the drywall.

2. Run the wallpaper-scoring tool over the wallpaper. Make several passes over the paper.

3. Brush a coat of stripping gel directly onto the scored wallpaper. Let the gel settle for 25 to 30 minutes.

4. Slide the putty knife in between the paper and drywall at the top of the wallpaper sheets near the ceiling.

5. Slowly and one sheet at a time, pull the paper from the wall.

6. Mix warm tap water and soap. Sponge down the walls with the mixture to completely remove any residue.