Remove Wallpaper Paste From Drywall

After wallpaper is removed, the adhesive that held the wallpaper must be removed as well. There are many products and devices that claim to make the removal process easier, but the easiest way to remove wallpaper paste is to use a simple water and dishwashing soap mixture. Expect the removal process to take a long time, but once it is completed, you will be able to paint without fearing the blistering or bubbling that can occur on a wall that has not been properly treated. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cover all furniture and carpets with drop cloths or sheets.

2. Mix a few tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap with a few gallons of warm water. If you prefer, you can also use a commercial product designed to remove wallpaper paste.

3. Turn off the electricity in the room, if possible, in order to avoid accidental shocks.

4. Sponge water over a small area of wall and allow it to soak for several minutes. Alternatively, you can use a pump sprayer.

5. Scrape the wall gently with your scraping tool, taking care to not gouge or damage the wall surface.

6. Continue the soaking and scraping process across the entire area, removing as much wallpaper paste as possible without damaging the wall.

7. Discard the water and replace it with a fresh mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap.

8. Moisten the walls again, this time removing the wallpaper paste with your sponge. Repeat as necessary until the paste is removed.

9. Allow the walls to dry before turning the electricity back on.