Repair A Dent In A Motorcycle Tank

If you ride a motorcycle, you know a thing or two about dents. A dent on a motorcycle’s gas tank requires some extra finesse to remove. Because it is a gas tank, you cannot drill a hole and pop the dent out at home. The most effective way for motorcycle enthusiasts to repair dents at home is to use a kit. More completed dents or dents with creases should be handled by professional repair shops. The instructions below are for a standard dent repair using a glue-based suction dent repair kit.


1. Clean the dented area. This repair relies heavily on suction to hold the dent puller to the dent. You do not want dirt or grime to interfere with this suction.

2. Insert a glue stick into the glue gun and allow to heat.

3. Apply the heated glue to the dent pulling piece’s suction cup.

4. Place the dent pulling piece in the center of the dent. Apply pressure to get a firm connection and allow it to sit in place for a few minutes.

5. Attach the pulling bridge to the dent pulling piece. Place the bridge over the dent pulling piece, allowing the pieces to connect. The connection is made by inserting the top of the dent pulling piece into the bridge piece.

6. Attach the turning knob to the dent pulling piece extending from the bridge.

7. Slowly turn the turning knob until the suction cup on the dent pulling piece pops from the surface.

8. Repeat the process if the dent is not removed the first time.

9. Use a glue removing solvent in conjunction with a scraper to remove the glue from the tank.

10. Clean the area once you are done and polish.