Repair A Motorcycle Seat

Repair a Motorcycle Seat

To repair a motorcycle seat it’s generally best to remove the old cover and replace it with a new one. An inexpensive project, repairing the cover can help protect the foam padding underneath from damage caused by water or friction. With a few tools and vinyl fabric, you can repair a damaged seat so it will look and feel like new again.


1. Remove the damaged seat covering by taking out the staples in the back. Do this using a Philips screwdriver or tools used specifically for removing upholstery.

2. Measure the width and length of the foam padding to determine how much material you will need to purchase. If the old covering is intact, you can bring it with you to use as a guide. Vinyl coverings can be found in most crafting stores or you can order them from motorcycle shops or online.

3. Place the new covering over the foam padding. Gather the two sides and press them together on the back of the seat. Staple the sides to the seat using a staple gun and 3/8-inch staples.

4. Work your way around the seat, pulling and gathering fabric to create a smooth surface on the front of the seat. Secure with staples.

5. Check to make sure the covering is secure and smooth in the front. If you notice small wrinkles, you can pull back more fabric to create a smooth surface.