Repair Buck Knives

Buck Knives Inc. has made knives for more than 100 years.

Buck Knives is an American manufacturer of folding and stationary blade knives commonly used by hunters, fishers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Their folding knife has become so popular that the term “buck knife” is used synonymously for any folding knife whether Buck Knives made it or not. They have been creating knives for more than 100 years and have created special branded knives for companies such as the National Rifle Association, Boy Scouts of America and Harley Davidson.


1. Clean and sharpen your knife. If your knife isnt working the way you want, try cleaning it up. Use a Metal Bright polish on the blade and either have it professionally sharpened at any cutlery store or sharpen it yourself with a home sharpening kit.

2. Lubricate the hinge. Per Buck Knives’ website, use wax lubricant on the blade and working parts of your knife. This will protect your knife from damage and help it open and close more smoothly.

3. Prepare your knife for shipping. If cleaning and lubrication doesn’t fix your knife, you should send it to Buck Knives for repair. Repairing it yourself can void your warranty and you may injure yourself. In many cases, the repairs will be free but if there is a charge, they will let you know before they repair your knife. Place your knife in a sheath if you have one or wrap it in bubble wrap.

4. Write a short description of what is wrong with your knife. Include your name and return address on the paper and place it in the bubble wrap with your knife.

5. Place the knife in a box. Padded envelopes may be sufficient for small knives, but a box is safer and will prevent additional damage to your knife. Address the package to:

Buck Knives

Customer Service

660 S. Lochsa St.

Post Falls, ID 83854