Repair Silver Paint On Mag Wheels

Repair your silver mag wheels to give them their original look.

Mag wheels, also known as alloy wheels, show damage due to their shiny, silver color. If the paint on your wheels is damaged or peeling, you can repaint the wheels yourself instead of purchasing new rims. For best results, use a shade of silver paint that matches your wheels exactly. If you can’t find this shade of silver, paint all of your vehicle’s wheels, so that they still match. If mismatching wheels don’t bother you, paint only the damaged areas.


1. Wipe the mag wheel with a warm, soapy towel. Remove any grime or dirt. Wipe the wheel with a damp towel to rinse it. Dry using a clean towel.

2. Place painter’s tape over any area’s surrounding the wheel that you do not want damaged. Place a tarp on the ground, below the wheel.

3. Slide a thin layer of spot putty over the area of paint you wish to repair. Allow it to harden for about 10 minutes.

4. Sand the area with putty, using a medium-grit sandpaper in circular motions. Avoid sanding any non-damaged areas.

5. Hold a can of scratch primer about eight inches away from the wheel. Press the trigger and apply primer to the damaged area. Allow the primer to dry for about two hours.

6. Apply a second coat of primer to the wheel. Allow it to dry for 2 to 3 hours.

7. Hold the can of silver spray paint about eight inches away from the wheel. Pull the trigger and move the paint over the wheel. Allow this layer to dry for about one hour. Apply a second coat of silver paint.