Repair The Custom Seat On A Motorcycle

You may want to repair the custom seat on your motorcycle.

The seat of a motorcycle can be damaged due to friction or because of alternating climatic conditions such as rain and dry weather. Cracks or tears in the seat covering and discomfort while riding the bike can be the two major reasons why motorcyclists may choose to repair or change out their motorcycle seats. The seat of the motorcycle is repaired by replacing the seat covering and the foam padding material of the seat.


1. Remove the seat from the motorcycle. Depending on the bike, the seat can be removed using the ignition key or by undoing the bolts securing the seat with an Allen wrench.

2. Remove the staples in the back of the damaged seat covering using a flathead screwdriver or a staple puller, and pull the old seat cover from the seat pan.

3. Remove the old foam from the seat pan using a metal scraper and a wire brush.

4. Measure the length and breadth of the foam padding material required for the new seat using the tape measure. Alternatively, you can use the old seat covering for measurement to determine how much material you will need to purchase.

5. Purchase or order the vinyl coverings for the seat. Vinyl coverings can be purchased from crafting stores and motorcycle shops.

6. Spray adhesive on the seat pan, place the foam on the seat pan, and allow it to cure for 24 hours.

7. Cover the foam padding with the new vinyl covering and staple the sides to the seat pan using the staple gun. Secure the seat covering to the foam padding using 3/8-inch staples in the staple gun.

8. Remove any wrinkles on the covering by pulling the fabric and securing it with staples.

9. Remount the seat on the motorcycle and secure it by re-bolting any nuts or hinges that were taken off while removing the seat.