Repair The Lights On A 2009 Harleydavidson Heritage Softail

Harley-Davidson uses a headlamp assembly within the headlamp nacelle to house and protect a quartz-halogen bulb on the 2009 Heritage Softail models. The Heritage also comes with a pair of auxiliary lamps mounted on the auxiliary light bar. Vibration and shock while riding with the lights on can cause the filaments within the bulbs to break and the lights to fail.


Headlamp Bulb Replacement

1. Put on safety glasses.

2. Remove the headlamp trim ring screw using a Phillips-head screwdriver on the headlamp. Remove the headlamp trim ring. Exercise caution to avoid bending the two trim ring retaining tabs at the top of the headlamp nacelle.

3. Pull the headlamp assembly from the headlamp nacelle. Pull the electrical connector block straight off three prongs on the back of the bulb, and pull the rubber boot from the back of the headlamp assembly.

4. Squeeze the wires of the lightbulb retaining clip to disengage it from the notches in the headlamp assembly. Rotate the retaining clip away from the bulb.

5. Remove the bulb from the back of the headlamp assembly. Insert the new bulb into the headlamp assembly. Rotate the lightbulb retaining clip into position and engage the clip in the notches.

6. Install the rubber boot on the back of the headlamp assembly. Plug the headlamp electrical connector onto the prongs on the back of the bulb. Insert the headlamp assembly into the headlamp nacelle.

7. Install the headlamp trim ring. Install the trim ring screw and securely tighten it using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Auxiliary Lamp Replacement

8. Locate the auxiliary lamps — also called passing lights — which are the white lights mounted above the turn signals on either side of the headlight. Loosen the auxiliary lamp lens trim ring fastener as needed to remove the trim ring from the auxiliary lamp housing, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the trim ring and lens from the housing.

9. Pull the bulb out of the auxiliary lamp connector.

10. Remove the nesting ring from the auxiliary lamp housing.

11. Rotate the auxiliary lamp connector one-quarter turn counterclockwise, then remove the connector from the auxiliary lamp housing. Discard the connector.

12. Install a new auxiliary lamp connector and rotate the connector one-quarter turn clockwise to engage it in the housing.

13. Plug the new bulb into the auxiliary lamp connector.

14. Install the nesting ring on the auxiliary lamp housing, concave side up. Rotate the nesting ring until the slot in the ring engages the locating tab on the auxiliary lamp housing.

15. Hold the nesting ring in place and install the auxiliary lamp lens. Rotate the lens until the locating tabs engage the slots in the nesting ring.

16. Install the auxiliary lamp lens trim ring with the fastener centered at the bottom. Tighten the trim ring fastener until snug, using a Phillips-head screwdriver.