Replace A Clutch Lever On A 2005 Softail Deuce Harley Davidson

Clutch levers are almost as easy to replace as they are to break.

Like most of the components that make up a 2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce, the clutch lever is a finely crafted instrument. These aluminum levers are easily damaged, with the rounded tip breaking off at the slightest pressure. While not detrimental to overall operation of the motorcycle, a shortened clutch lever detracts from the Deuce’s refined appearance. Luckily, the clutch lever is almost as easy to replace as it is to break it.


1. Park the motorcycle on its kick stand and turn the handlebars completely to the right for improved access to the clutch perch, lever and cable.

2. Pull the rubber dust boot away from the clutch adjuster in the middle of the clutch cable, positioned near the motorcycle’s frame. Using a wrench, loosen the adjuster’s lock nut. Twist the adjuster clockwise to loosen the cable’s tension.

3. Remove the snap ring from the bottom of the clutch lever’s pivot bolt with pliers. Pull the pivot bolt out of the top of the clutch lever and pull the lever out of the clutch perch.

4. Pull the cable barrel out from the bottom of the clutch lever and pull the clutch cable away from the lever. Insert the cable into the replacement clutch lever. Insert the cable barrel into the clutch cable‘s end loop to secure the cable to the lever.

5. Insert the clutch lever into the lever’s perch. Insert the pivot bolt into the perch and the lever. Press the snap ring onto the pivot bolt’s groove on the bottom of the clutch lever.

6. Tighten the clutch cable’s tension, twisting the cable adjuster counterclockwise until the clutch lever has 1/8 inch of slack against the clutch lever perch. Tighten the cable adjuster’s lock nut with a wrench and push the rubber dust boot over the adjuster.