Replace A Clutch Lever

Clutch lever

Whether it be on an ATV or on a motorcycle, one of the most common pieces of equipment to break in wrecks and tip-overs is the clutch lever. Luckily, replacing this lever on either type of machine is very easy and can be done, in most cases, in a matter of minutes.


1. Pull back the rubber clutch lever cover on the handlebars of the machine. Pull up the cable slightly, just enough to get it out of the way.

2. Loosen the tightening bolt on the clutch cable, using your fingers, until it becomes very loose.

3. Use standard end-wrenches (usually 10 mm or 12 mm) to remove the mounting bolt and nut securing the broken clutch lever. Set this bolt and nut aside.

4. Pull the broken clutch lever up and away from the handlebars. Pull the clutch cable end out of its port and set the lever aside.

5. Place the clutch cable end in the port of the new clutch lever, and slide the new lever onto the mounting assembly.

6. Reattach and secure the mounting bolt and nut, once again using end-wrenches.

7. Tighten the clutch cable using the tightening bolt. Pull on the clutch lever regularly while adjusting it, and get it to the desired tightness.

8. Replace the rubber clutch cover by simply sliding it back down the cable and over the assembly.