Replace A Helmet’S Face Shield

Replace your helmet’s face shield for optimal visibility.

The face shield on your street motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV helmet protects your eyes and face from flying road debris, bugs or rocks kicked up by the vehicles in front of you. The face shield is made from durable, high impact-resistant plastic, and with regular care will give you many miles of service. However, if your face shield becomes dull, scratched or cracked, take a few minutes to replace it for better visibility and face protection.


1. Remove the plastic covers from both pivot points of the face shield by prying them up carefully with a small, flat blade screwdriver. Place the covers aside for installation with the new face shield.

2. Remove the brake screws and washers (if your helmet and face shield are so equipped) from the face shield by backing them out with a Phillips head screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Remove the pivot screws at the pivot points on each side of the shield with a Phillips head screwdriver turned in a counterclockwise direction. Place the screws aside for installation of your new face shield.

4. Grasp the face shield and pull it away from the helmet. Place the shield aside or discard it.

5. Push the new face shield into position on the helmet, making sure to line up the pivot point holes on the rear corners of the shield with the threaded fittings on the sides of the helmet.

6. Insert the pivot screws and tighten them with a Phillips head screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Thread the brake washers and screws (if equipped) into the helmet fittings just forward of the pivot points and tighten in the same fashion.

7. Press the plastic covers onto the pivot points until they snap into place.