Replace A Throw Out Bearing In A Harley Transmission

The throw out bearing — otherwise known as the pushrod bearing — is located just inside the transmission clutch release cover on the lower right-hand side of your Harley-Davidson. Replacement is rarely necessary, as it does not wear easily. If, however, you decide your throw out bearing does require replacement, it is accessible with simple hand tools.


1. Remove the magnetic drain plug with a wrench. The drain plug is underneath the outer primary chain case on the left side of the motorcycle. Drain the fluid into a drain pan.

2. Remove the six screws on the clutch release cover with an Allen wrench. Remove the clutch release cover. Discard the gasket located just inside the clutch release cover.

3. Loosen the clutch cable adjuster with a wrench to allow slack in the clutch cable.

4. Remove the retaining clip of the pushrod assembly with a pick tool. This will also release the two thrust washers located just behind the retaining clip.

5. Remove the throw out bearing. Insert a new one into the same slot.

6. Reinstall the two thrust washers and the retaining clip you previously removed.

7. Tighten the clutch cable adjuster with a wrench.

8. Replace the clutch release cover gasket and reinstall the cover by inserting and tightening the six screws previously removed.