Replace A Wheel Stud In A Chevy Silverado

When one wheel stud goes, the others get extra stress and have a potential to break also. You need to replace the wheel stud in your Chevy Silverado as soon as you realize the stud is broken. It requires some mechanical skill. You also have to have the right tools, some strength and a good memory to get the parts back on the vehicle correctly.


1. Purchase a new stud for your truck. When you replace the stud on the Silverado, you need the same size stud. GM does make a shorter one that does the job, as long as the width is the same. Take the stud with you to the store if you don’t know the size.

2. Look behind the passenger’s seat in the regular cab Silverado for the jack and jacking tools. They’re under the second row seat on the passenger’s side on the extended and crew cab.

3. Jack up the truck. Some models have disc brakes in the rear and others have drum brakes. If the stud is on a wheel with disc brakes, remove the caliper without disconnecting the brake line and hang it from mechanic’s wire. Take off the rotor. Remove the drum for drum brakes.

4. Check behind the wheel hub and see if you can find the head of the stud. If you can, or if you find an opening to line up the stud, skip to Step 5. Otherwise, you need to remove the hub, or get one of the shorter stud replacements and cut off the end of the stud to remove it.

5. Whack the stud on the end with a mallet to drive it out. If you cut it off, you may need to put a rod on the stud and strike it. Put a new stud in its place. Push so some threads of the stud come through on the front.

6. Twist a wheel bolt on and tighten down the bolt with an impact wrench if you have one. As you tighten down the wheel bolt, it pulls the stud through the hub. You’ll need to add extra bolts as the stud comes out further.

7. Unscrew the bolts that you used to replace the stud on your Silverado. Reassemble the parts and put on the wheel. Tighten down the nut to finish the job.