Replace An Exhaust Pipe

Rust is one of the most common causes of a damaged exhaust pipe.

The exhaust pipe is a system of pipes that connect the exhaust to the muffler of your car. This pipe is so important because it is used to filter exhaust gases out through your tailpipe. If you notice rust or holes in your exhaust system, it is time to replace the exhaust pipe.


1. Lift the car up on an overhead car lift so you can access the exhaust system. If you don’t have a car lift, which is likely, you can use tire jacks and jack stands to prop up the car high enough for you to get underneath.

2. Locate the exhaust. This will be very easy since the exhaust pipe is quite large. It is the pipe that connects the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter and connects the converter to the muffler.

3. Loosen all of the bolts holding the exhaust pipe in place. You will need to enlist a friend to help you lower the exhaust because it is a very heavy component.

4. Set aside the old exhaust and begin to assemble the new one. Insert the clamp onto the down pipe and attach it to the engine manifold at the front of the vehicle. Attach the nuts so the pipe is perfectly in place. Again you will need a friend to help with this because access is limited and the parts are heavy.

5. Apply exhaust paste to the ends of the down pipe to give a perfect seal. Attach the catalytic converter to hold it in place.

6. Attach the second piece of pipe to the muffler, using exhaust paste to hold everything in place. Attach the muffler using a rubber mount.

7. Put on exhaust clamps where the pieces meet and turn them sideways so they do not get hit by rocks or speed bumps.

8. Reattach the rear silencer in place, securing it with a rubber mount to prevent rattling.