Replace Bolts In A Harley Dyna Front Motor Mount

Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob edition motorcycle

Harley Davidson Dyna engines are 96 cubic-inch engines that are fuel-injected and fuel-efficient with an electric ignition. The Dyna comes on a whole family of Harleys including the Street Bob, The Low Rider and the Wide Glide. The engine mounts for this particular family of bikes are rubber enforced mounts to limit chassis vibration that would come from such a large engine. Essentially, the mounts are steel rods that extend across the front and mid section of the frame, which are then seated on rubber mounting brackets. Bolts run through the end of each rod and tighten down to the frame. Over time these bolts may become corroded or broken (from engine vibration). Replacing the bolts on a Harley Dyna engine is not complicated and can be completed in three easy steps, which this article will outline in detail.


1. Pull the bike onto a level concrete area, such as a garage floor. Have a friend steady the bike while you slide the wooden blocks underneath the front and the rear frame. You have now securely mounted your motorcycle for maintenance.

2. Slide the floor jack underneath the motorcycle and position the jack head underneath of the transmission housing. Jack the head up to the transmission housing with just enough pressure that you can feel resistance in the handle. The jack will support the engine in the correct position while you remove the mounting bolts.

3. Locate the front motor mount bolts and determine which wrench will be needed to remove the faulty bolts (some models will require a ratchet while others have Allen head style bolts).

4. Loosen both bolts a little at a time until you can remove one of them. Pull the old bolt out and replace with a new bolt. The rubber mounts should be fine.

5. Remove and replace the other bolt as well. Tighten both bolts according to the manufacturer’s specifications, remove the jack and wooden blocks and get riding!