Replace Bulbs With Led On A Motorcycle

Visibility problems are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents, so anything that makes a bike easier to see will improve safety. LED brake lights are substantially brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, and installing them will make the motorcycle more visible on the road. Installing them should take about 20 minutes.


1. Unscrew the taillight lens from the fender using the Phillips head screwdriver. This will reveal the bulb and the housing.

2. Pull the bezel out of the fender, leaving the bulb connected. You want the bulb to hang from the wiring so you can test the wiring.

3. Probe the wires using the 12-volt test light. You want to know which wire goes to the brakes, which to the running lights and which to the turn signal so you can wire them correctly. To do this, hit the brake handle, then see if the test light glows. If it does, then that’s the brake light wire. Repeat for each wire.

4. Cut each wire and strip the ends using the wire cutters and wire strippers. Crimp one end of the wire to a blue butt connector using the wire crimpers.

5. Connect each wire using the blue butt connectors, making sure that each lead from the new LED housing is connected with the proper connection from the motorcycle.

6. Mount the LED housing into the fender and screw the lens in place using the provided screws and the Phillips head screwdriver.

7. Test the lights to make sure they work.