Replace Motorcycle Fork Seals

Motorcycle forks are mounted to the front wheel and absorb the bumps and vibration while you ride. The fork seals are the plastic or rubber ring around the center of the forks that keep the oil inside the forks. If the fork seals are damaged or worn, the fork oil will leak out, and the forks will not operate correctly. Some motorcycles need special tools to remove the handlebars and to remove the seals.


1. Place the lift under the center of the engine. Pull back on the lift’s handle until the bike rises off the ground.

2. Loosen the bolts on the top of each fork to release the clamps, using the Allen wrench. Pull down on the forks to slide them from the clamps.

3. Pry the fork seal from the fork, using the screwdriver. Move the screwdriver around the seal as you pry it off. Slide the seal off the fork and discard it.

4. Place the new seal on the top of the fork. Slide the new seal down the fork and push down on it until the seal snaps into place on the fork.

5. Replace the forks to the clamps. Tighten the clamps and lower the bike to the ground.