Replace The Baffles In Vance & Hines Big Shot Pipes

Almost all motorcycle exhausts have baffles.

Vance & Hines Big Shots are available for most cruisers. Both the baffles and the mufflers are removable and Vance & Hines encourages customers to tune their bike’s performance by buying slightly different, replacement baffles sets. Several other aftermarket manufacturers also market replacement baffles for Big Shot model exhausts. Baffles restrict exhaust flow and suppress noise. In general, the louder the exhaust, the less restrictive it is. The less restrictive the exhaust, the more horsepower the engine produces at higher RPM.


1. Loosen but do not remove the rear heat shields from both mufflers using a flathead screwdriver. Working on one muffler at a time, turn the heat shields so the bottoms of the mufflers are visible.

2. Look for two Allen head screws on the bottom of each muffler. The more rearward screw is called the “baffle screw.” Rearward means toward the rear of the motcycle as opposed to the front.

3. Loosen and remove the baffle screw on each muffler with an Allen head wrench. Save the screw.

4. Remove the baffle tube from inside each muffler shell with pliers.

5. Insert replacement baffles in both muffler shells by hand. Align the baffle screw holes on the bottom of the baffles with the baffle screw hole in the muffler shells.

6. Secure the replacement baffles in the muffler shells by tightening the baffle screws with an Allen wrench. Slide the heat shields back onto the exhaust system.

7. Secure the heat shields to the exhaust system by tightening the heat shield clamps with a flathead screwdriver.