Replace The Cabin Filter In A Ford F150

The cabin filter in a late-model Ford F-150 truck helps to keep the air that comes into the vehicle fresh and clean. All air routed through the air vents passes through the filter. Change the filter every 15,000 miles to ensure the air quality in your Ford F-15 stays clean of exhaust vapor, allergens and other toxic chemicals often found on the roadways.


1. Open the glove box and empty it of any contents.

2. Remove the two screws located in the top of the F-150’s glove box with a flat head screwdriver.

3. Pull down on the glove box to separate it from the bottom of the dash. Allow the box to hang.

4. Locate the rectangular plastic filter housing above the glove box housing and pry it off with your hands.

5. Pull the old filter out of the filter housing and push the new filter into the housing until it seats against the back of the filter housing.

6. Place the cover onto the filter housing and push it into place. The cover has two tabs that snap into place as you push on it.

7. Push the glove box back against the dash and secure it with the two screws and the flat head screwdriver.

8. Place the contents of the glove box back into the glove box and close the door.