Replace The Face Shield On A Shoei Helmet

Shoei motorcycle helmets are worn by top-flight motorcycle racers around the world. Each helmet is engineered to provide the maximum amount of protection and aerodynamics, while allowing the rider to quickly change the helmet’s face shield for a better view of the track. Road riders can benefit from shield system as well, easily replacing a damaged shield or swapping from a tinted shield to a clear shield in less than a minute. The best part is that no tools are required.


1. Unlock the face shield, using the release lever on the lower left corner of the helmet’s view port. Lift the face shield up into its fully opened position.

2. Push the base plates’ plastic pull rings, positioned on each side of the helmet, down with your thumbs to release the shield.

3. Pull the face shield forward and away from the helmet.

4. Set the sides of the new face shield against the helmet’s base plates, holding the shield approximately where it will be when it is fully open.

5. Press the sides of the face shield into the base plates until they click into place.

6. Move the face shield from the open to the closed position to ensure that the shield is locked firmly into the base plates. Remove the face shield and reinstall it again if the shield does not move easily up and down.