Replace Vance & Hines Baffles

Upgrade your motor cycle.

For all those who wish to give their motorcycles a whole new life, replacing Vance & Hines baffles is a good idea. Installing new baffles in your bike’s exhaust pipes may stop them from being loud or get them to create some noise if they are all too quiet. You also may need to replace the existing baffles that have drilled out, rusted or simply deteriorated. Installing them does not require a deep understanding of motorcycle mechanics or extensive tools or gadgets.


1. Before starting the installation process, give your exhaust pipes time to cool down. Ideally, switch the engine off for about an hour to ensure that the pipes are moderately cold.

2. Locate the screw on the currently installed exhaust pipes which keeps the baffle in place. For exhaust pipes by the name of “Bigshot,” find and loosen a screw about 4 inches from the pipe’s end. You will find it beneath the heat shield, which means you need to take off the heat shieldbefore you can work on the screw itself. Remove the heat shield by loosening up the 2 hose clamps that link it to your exhaust pipe.

3. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the loose baffles straight out from the exhaust pipes. If they get stuck during this step, use a rubber mallet along with a wooden dowel and tap on the baffle. Be careful not to damage your exhaust pipes.

4. Look at the new Vance & Hines baffle closely while sliding it within the exhaust pipe to ensure that its screw hole comes in line with the place where the exhaust pipe is. The screw that you have just installed will keep the new baffle intact in its place.

5. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, tighten the mounting screw so that it is well established and tightly secure against the interior walls of the exhaust pipe.

6. Put the heat shields back in place.