Reprogram A Comcast Cable Box

When you first turn on a Comcast cable box, known as a receiver, its default settings will be in place. These are set to provide you with the best images possible without needing much input from you. Sometimes, however, you may wish to change them yourself if the default settings are not providing you with satisfactory image quality.


1. Press the “Menu” key on the remote or the front panel of the receiver. Select “User Settings.”

2. Select “TV Type” and choose the “16:9” option if you are using a high-definition television (HDTV). Movies or shows in HD automatically fill the entire screen. If you are using a standard-definition television (SDTV), choose one of the “4:3” options. If you choose “4:3 LETTERBOX,” then shows or movies in widescreen will have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to fit the entire image on the screen. If you choose “4:3 PAN/SCAN,” shows or movies in widescreen fill the entire screen (no black bars), but some of the image is cut off.

3. Select “DVI/YPbPr Output.” This determines the quality of image on your screen. If you are using a HDTV, choose the “1080i” or “720p” option (whichever produces the best image on your screen). If you are using a SDTV, choose either the “480p” or 480i” (again, whichever produces the best image).

4. Select “4:3 Override” if you are using a HDTV. This determines how standard-definition (SD) programming is shown on your television. If you set “4:3 Override” to “Off,” then SD programming does not fill your entire screen (because SD programming is not usually shown in widescreen). The “480i” option shows SD programming in the default 480i picture quality, while the “480p” option converts the image quality to the slightly better 480p (if your TV does not support 480p, this option does not work. Check your TV’s manual to see if it supports 480p). The “Stretch” option stretches SD programming not shown in widescreen to fill the entire screen. However, images will look distorted.