Reset The Alarm Code On A 2007 Harleydavidson

Reset the PIN on your 2007 H-D motorcycle to one you can easily remember.

Harley-Davidson’s Smart Security System provides theft prevention by signaling with a high decibel siren and flashing the turn signals, as well as by disabling the starter and ignition system. When armed, the system activates when it detects tampering of the ignition circuit or battery power cables. The system will also activate if it detects vehicle movement. A series of alert chirps and flashes of the turn signals serve as a warning and the ignition is disabled if the vehicle is not returned to its original position within four seconds. The security code, or PIN, used to disable the security system is a five-digit code that is picked by the owner and may be reset at any time.


1. Record the new five-digit PIN in the owner’s manual and on your wallet card. Use numbers 1 through 9 only.

2. Place all the fobs for the vehicle on the bike or within arm’s reach of the bike, to be within range of the hands-free antennae.

3. Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn the ignition switch to the following positions in order–Ignition, Off, Ignition, Off, Ignition.

4. Push and release the left turn-signal switch twice. The turn signals will flash three times in confirmation.

5. Push and release the right turn-signal switch once. The current PIN will be displayed in the odometer screen with the first digit flashing.

6. Push and release the left turn-signal switch until the desired first number is displayed. Press the right turn-signal switch to confirm the selection. The next digit will now be flashing.

7. Repeat Step 6 until the full PIN has been entered and is displayed in the odometer screen with the first digit flashing.

8. Turn the ignition switch to the Off position to confirm and store the new PIN.