Restore A Vintage Harley Davidson

The mystique of the American motorcycle remains vibrant. As evidence, just consider the continued popularity of Harley Davidson chopper. If you like your motorcyles from another era, here are a few steps to help you restore your vintage Harley Davidson.


1. Consider if you should restore the motorcyle. Harleys from the 1970s are sometimes not worth the effort of restoration, while a Harley from the 1910s might be hard to find parts for.

2. Strip down the bike to the frame and remove any rust or corrosion you find on the frame, tank or fenders. Send these off to get painted.

3. Tear down and rebuild the engine using official Harley Davidson parts. Be prepared to replace all of the gaskets, hoses and wires.

4. Inspect the old exhaust for holes or rust damage. Replace whichever parts are worn out.

5. Consider upgrading old drum brake units to discs for better, safer stopping.

6. Reassemble your restored vintage Harley Davidson and go for a ride.