Restore Harley Davidson Wheels

Clean and polish the chrome and wheel of a Harley to make it shine.

Harley Davidson is a classic American motorcycle, which has many fine updated features on various models of bikes. When riding on a Harley, there are many advantages which automobiles don’t have. Harleys can go on dirt roads and down small alleyways, depending on location. One thing that a Harley Davidson is known for are its mag wheels, which is a lighter wheel coated with metal alloy. Since a Harley’s wheels are prone to dirt and road tar just like car wheels, they will have to be cleaned regularly, to eliminate grime buildup and surface puncturing in the case of gravel.


1. Purchase mag wheel spray from a motorcycle or automotive establishment. Spray the wheels of the Harley with the mag spray, making sure to adequately cover the wheel with the spray.

2. Don’t be afraid to use multiple layers of spray if needed. The spray is gentle enough to be used on alloy wheels and regular wheels that aren’t of the mag quality. Let the spray absorb into the tire for ten to twenty minutes before wiping it off with a coarse, old rag.

3. Use gentle dish washing soap mixed in a bucket of water. Make sure the water isn’t hot, just warm enough to gently break up dirt as you scrub. Use the gentlest formula of dish washing detergent you can find, for this can be applied liberally, without damaging the tires. Put on rubber gloves, and dip a scrubbing brush into the bucket mixed with detergent.

4. Make sure the water is soapy. Let the soap soak into the brush. Scrub the tires with the brush and soapy water vigorously, until all surface dirt is removed. Repeat if necessary with clean soap and water, and rinse with a garden hose. Dry the metal parts of the tire with a towel, to eliminate rusting.

5. Protect wheels once they are cleaned and dry with wheel polish. Use the kind meant for mag wheels, or a regular motorcycle wheel polish for those bikes that do not have alloy wheels.

6. Add a small amount to a large soft cloth and rub into the wheels, until they are completely coated. Let the polish dry onto the wheels. Buff the wheel after the polish is dry with a clean cloth or lambs wool mitt, without removing the polish. Polish will help to protect the wheels from dirt and sharp gravel, and enables the wheels to last longer.

7. Clean and polish the chrome sections on Harley wheels using paste wax. Paste wax can be purchased from Harley dealerships, or automotive centers. Place a small amount of paste wax or a larger amount of acrylic wax on a clean soft cloth, and rub generously onto the chrome until surface dirt is removed. Flip the cloth over, and buff the remaining polish away until the chrome shines.