Retrieve Pictures From A Corrupt Memory Card

Have you ever put your memory stick into your camera, only for the camera to tell you there are no images on the card? YOU KNOW there are hundreds on there but the camera NOR your PC can read them.

A memory Stick is just like any other kind of storage medium, It has an INDEX to tell you PC or camera where to find the image information on the card.

There are many companies charging outrageous fees for recovering your images from these cards, but there are several things you can do before paying someone to retrieve them.


1. Visit or any other type of software repository site and search for image recovery software.

2. Narrow your search to “FREE” software that is proven to be virus and spy ware free. There are many different programs listed on for various operating systems.

3. Select the software program that is best suited for your PC. I have used “Recover Files 2″,”Undelete2” and “ADRC Data Recovery Tools 1”.

4. Install the software you choose

5. Run the software and point it at your memory stick, memory card, etc. ( You may need to purchase a USB memory card reader if your PC does not have one installed”

6. Select the Analyze button. ( The program then looks for files that have no association in the master index on the memory card), this would be all images on a memory card if the card is corrupt.

7. Select the files you want to undelete and select the undelete option on the program

8. You will be prompted for a location to save the files to. By default, most programs will not let you undelete and save images to the device you are recovering from.

9. Save your files.

10. Make a copy of your images and save them to CD or DVD.