Ride A Bike Like Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is often described by celebrity journalists as “inscrutable” and “unknowable.” Despite this, there is one thing Reeves is willing to share with the world-his love for motorcycles. More than just an average biker, Keanu Reeves is a born-wild rider.


1. Make bike riding your primary mode of transport, as Reeves did until studio executives convinced him to buy a car (he bought a Porsche Carrera 4, the closest thing on four wheels to a motorcycle, according to the “Matrix” star). Reeves also rides motorcycles as one of his greatest passions, making bike riding one of the central aspects of his off-screen life.

2. Ride like a daredevil as Keanu Reeves loves to do (and talk about doing) by riding down windy roads at night with his headlights off, something he refers to as a “demon ride.” Take the bike to the freeways, as Keanu does, for some high-speed riding, preferably with a beautiful man or woman holding on tight from behind.

3. Invest in quality but idiosyncratic bikes, such as Reeves’ much-beloved Motto Guzzi and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Reeves also goes back a few decades by riding bikes like his favorite British 1974 Norton Commando. If you like your Commando, do as Keanu did and buy another Norton of a different vintage to get the feel for a new bike.

4. Walk away from bike accidents as Reeves has done on multiple occasions such as a 1998 motorcycle crash that left him without a spleen. More importantly than this, however, is to keep on riding bikes no matter what the risk or previous injury, so you can be the kind of wild, demon-riding, motorcycle lover that Keanu Reeves is.