Ride A Motorcycle Trike

Ride a Motorcycle Trike

Trikes are fast becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation for former motorcyclists; people with arthritis, weak knees and other injuries or disabilities that prevent them from riding a motorcycle. Trikes are also fun for anyone seeking the excitement of the road without worrying about balancing on two wheels.

Trikes are available from traditional motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Honda, trike manufacturers like Lehrman and Motor Trikes, and custom builders. Do-it-yourself conversion kits are also available to transform motorcycles into trikes.


Mounting and Riding

1. Mount the trike by stepping across the seat; do not swing your foot or you will hit the fender. If there is a passenger, she should mount first, then the rider.

2. Practice figure eights in a parking lot. Learn maneuver the trike through turns and evasive actions before heading out on the road. Steer with deliberate push and pull motion.

3. Ride in traffic with the trike in the same lane position as a car. Apply steady pressure through tight turns and decreasing radius turns like those in entrance and exit ramps.