Ride A Sidecar

Sidecars are a more efficient way to carry passengers on motorcycles.

A motorcycle sidecar is a small pod-like attachment, in which a passenger can ride in a safer environment than on the back of the bike. The sidecar is attached to the motorcycle with tempered steel that is either welded or bolted to the frame of the bike. The sidecar also give the motorcycle added balance, and it will not tip over when not in motion. The passenger in the sidecar should be well versed in motorcycle safety, as well as know how their movements can effect the balance of the motorcycle while in motion.


1. Climb into the sidecar and sit in the seat. Extend legs directly in front of you. Wear the seat belt if the model of sidecar is equipped with one. Place hands on the front of the sidecar or onto safety bars if any are installed. Press your back flat against the backrest and avoid leaning forward to avoid disrupting the balance of the bike.

2. Remain as still as possible when the bike is accelerating forward, but stay comfortable and not rigid. When the bike is making a right hand turn, lean to the left slightly (15-20 degrees) to assist the driver with balance. Lean to the right slightly when making left-hand turn to again assist the driver with the balance of the bike.

3. Alert the driver when exiting the sidecar so the driver can activate the sidecar brake. Wait until the bike is completely halted before removing any seat belts (if applicable), and get out of the sidecar by standing up in the car and stepping out one foot after the other.