Rims That Look Like Rotors

Spinning rims often look like rotors.

Rims that look like rotors, also called spinning rims or spinners, are a way to spiff up your vehicle. Nowadays, they fit most newer cars. Many are chrome plated, so they catch the light as they spin and are sure to be noticed. But you can also get them in black and other colors.

Spinner Rim Attachments

If your car already rides on a set of custom wheels, spinner rim attachments are what you’re looking for. If you have older wheels, you might have a negative offset, where the mounting surface of the wheel is too close to the disk/drum, the axle or behind the center-line of the wheel. In that case, you can’t use spinners. However, modern custom wheels are designed deep enough that the spinning rim attachment safely sits inside the wheel.

Spinner Rim Kits

You can buy spinner rim kits specially designed for the wheels of certain makes of cars, like Ford wheels, Corvette wheels or other brands. Kits for rims that look like rotors are also available for SUVs and motorbikes. Such kits include the spinners, adapters, screws and the wrenches and other tools you need to attach them.

Spinner Rim Wheels

Spinner rim wheels come in many sizes. Find out what size wheels your car has and buy the spinner wheels to fit. When you buy the wheels and the spinner rims together, they are usually more expensive. However, most spinner rim wheels come already balanced, with the rotating spinners mounted and ready to go. Have your local mechanic install them, or do it yourself, and you’re ready to go.