Rinehart Replacement Exhaust Tips

Rinehart exhausts are a popular aftermarket enhancement for Harley-Davidson bikes, and many motorcycle owners swear by their quality and versatility. These replacement exhaust systems have a number of advantages over their factory-installed cousins, including better performance, a more authentic sound and greater reliability.

Quality Parts

When shopping for Rinehart replacement exhaust parts it is important to choose the highest-quality components you can afford. The exhaust system is an integral part of any motorcycle, and choosing the highest-quality components will help ensure you get the greatest performance boost from your upgrade.

For instance, a Rinehart 2 to 1 system is designed to provide a high exhaust velocity and the superior sound motorcycle owners have come to expect from aftermarket exhaust systems. An optional megaphone muffler system can give the Rinehart exhaust an even more authentic sound as the bike rumbles down the road.

Top Quality Heat Shields

The heat shields are an important part of any exhaust system, including the aftermarket exhaust systems made by Rinehart. When shopping for a new or replacement exhaust system it is important to look for quality heat shields. An exhaust system with 2-inch or larger heat shields will provide a sleeker and smoother look while keeping the system cool.

MAB Technology

Rinehart exhaust systems use a unique Multi-Angled Bell, or MAB, technology to enhance horsepower and available torque. When shopping for a new exhaust system it is important for motorcycle owners to look for this MAB technology. Exhaust systems that use anodized aluminum end caps can help bike owners get the most from their machines at an affordable price.