Road Glide Vs Vision

The Road Glide, produced by Harley-Davidson, and the Victory Vision made by the U.S. Polaris Industries company, are both touring motorcycles that have two cylinders and compete for the same market. The base touring models for 2011 are the Road Glide Custom and the Vision Tour.


The Vision engine has 106 cubic inches of displacement and a compression ratio of 9.4-to-one versus the 96 cubic inches and 9.2-to-one compression ratio of the Road Glide’s twin cam. The Road Glide engine is air-cooled, and the Vision’s engine uses both oil- and air-cooling.


The Vision weighs 849 lbs. dry, compared to the 772 lbs. of the Road Glide. The Road Glide is smaller than the Vision at 95 inches in length with a wheelbase of 63.5 inches and a seat height of 26.1 inches. The Vision is 104.9 inches long with a wheelbase of 65.7 inches and a seat height of 26.5 inches.

Torque and Pricing

The maximum torque produced by the Harley-Davidson is 92.6 foot-pounds, less than the Vision’s 109 foot-pounds. The 2011 Vision is $1,000 more expensive than the 2011 Harley at $19,999.