Run A Virus Scan On Another Infected Computer

A computer virus can block access to many websites.

Computer viruses prevent you from accessing most websites on an infected machine. If you haven’t already installed an anti-virus software program, it’s not easy to find one online while a virus redirects you to other web pages or constantly opens popup ads. To protect your computer once a virus hits, download and transfer an anti-virus software program from a clean computer to run a virus scan on the infected computer.


1. Find an effective and reliable anti-virus software program.

Connect a USB flash drive to a virus-free computer. Using the same computer, visit the website of an anti-virus software manufacturer. Choose one that is well-known and reliable.

2. Find the anti-virus software that matches the system requirements of the infected computer. Download the software and save it to the USB flash drive.

3. Save the anti-virus software in the USB flash drive.

Move the mouse pointer over the icons on the bottom right of the computer screen. Left-click on the icon that says “Safely Remove Hardware.” Click on “Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device,” then remove the USB flash drive from the USB port. Now you can transfer the anti-virus software to another computer.

4. Connect the flash drive to a USB port on the infected computer. When the new window pops up, left-click on “Open Folder and View Files.”

5. Anti-virus software can be transferred with just a few mouse clicks

Right-click on the anti-virus software; choose “Copy” and left-click it. Minimize all open windows.

6. Right-click on any empty space on the desktop screen. Choose “Paste” and left-click it to save a copy of the software on the desktop. Double-left-click on the anti-virus software icon.

7. Regularly scan your computer for viruses.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the software, then scan your infected computer for viruses.