Run An Engine Without Oil For A Few Seconds

Engines operate best when filled with factory-recommended oil weights.

Engines operate by filling a small chamber with fuel, then igniting the fuel, which forces pistons down and turns a crank. The process requires ample lubrication and coolant to ensure the metal parts of the engine do not warp, bend, or break. Engines use purified oil to lubricate the moving parts and specialized coolant to draw heat off of the engine. Operating an engine without one or the other will damage it. If a need arises to operate an engine without oil, take great caution in doing so.


Run the Vehicle

1. Drain out the oil and leave the plug out.

2. Pour a heavy weight oil into the engine compartment, letting it run out. The weight of the oil will adhere to the moving parts within the engine. As long as you pour oil into the engine prior to starting, it will help to maintain lubrication. You should use at least a 40 weight oil.

3. Start the vehicle. Allow it to run for only a short period of time before turning off the engine. Anything longer than one minute can cause irreparable damage to the engine.