Salvage A Rear Projection Tv

Installing a new bulb is easy.

A rear projection television stops working when its bulb breaks, usually due to natural use. This is extremely common, though many owners simply assume their TV is broken and it is time to get a new one. To add to the confusion, when the bulb breaks many TVs, such as Sonys, also stop broadcasting audio signals–creating the impression the television is broken. A replacement bulb will get the TV working like new.


1. Unplug the TV before removing or installing a bulb.

2. Determine the model bulb used in the TV by checking the owner’s manual. The bulb is usually numbered; for example, it may be LX 1200.

3. Check the owner’s manual to learn access and remove the bulb. Sony TVs have a door on the side that can be popped open, and the bulb can be unlocked and pulled out. The procedure is roughly the same on all projection TVs.

4. Find a replacement bulb. TV repair stores and authorized dealers sell bulbs and will also offer to install them. Check online for better deals. A simple search of the bulb’s number/model will yield a number of retailers. Compare these prices with those offered by local dealers.

5. Install the new bulb into the slot designated for it. Each TV has a different procedure but, if you follows the instructions for that model, the bulb installation should only take a few minutes.

6. Plug the TV back in and power it on.