Schools Of Horology

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Horology refers to the study of designing and crafting watches. Across the United States, several schools teach students the art of horology, continuing a longstanding tradition of watch making that began centuries ago.

Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology

As part of Paris Junior College, the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology has been teaching horology and watch repair since 1942. Students can earn either a certificate in horology or an associate of applied science degree in horology. The school specializes in the crafting of mechanical wristwatches, but also teaches students about quartz watches. Coursework includes the design, terminology, proper lubrication and cleaning of watches. The school also offers tuning fork movement training in both American and Swiss styles of watch making. Because of the rarity of these kinds of timepieces, students of the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology have the advantage of being able to repair rare watches.

Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology

Paris Junior College

2400 Clarksville Street

Paris, TX 75460


School of Horology

The School of Horology, in Columbia, Pennsylvania, has been in operation since 1995. This school is one of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors’ nationwide horology campuses. The School of Horology is the only school in the United States that offers a clockmaker program, in addition to watch making. Students can choose to focus on either watches or clocks, or pursue a combined clock and watch program. All programs at the School of Horology result in horology certification, preparing students to become professional horologists.

School of Horology

454 Poplar Street

Columbia, PA 17512


Gem City College

Gem City College’s School of Horology trains students to become qualified horologists. The school offers a revolving enrollment, meaning that new students are brought in each Monday in order to learn the craft. Instructors at the school give individual attention to students, and teach the intricate details of watch making and repairing. The school also offers students a chance to learn engraving and diamond setting for watches. Students graduate with a certificate in horology. Gem City College offers a placement assistance program to help recent graduates find employment in the watch repair field.

Gem City College

700 State Street

Quincy, IL 62301


Institute of Swiss Watchmaking

The Institute of Swiss Watchmaking has two campuses–one in Texas and one in Hong Kong. The Texas campus was established in 2008 in order to provide students with a place to learn watch making. Class sizes are small, allowing instructors to be more hands-on with students. Students learn in a technologically advanced classroom setting, using the standard tools of micromechanics. The school focuses on Swiss mechanical and quartz watches. Students who complete the program receive a certificate of horology.

North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking

15100 Trinity Boulevard #300

Forth Worth, TX 76155