Screaming Eagle Exhaust Tips

Screaming Eagle Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers imitate the exhaust sound of racing motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers are meant to imitate the aggressive exhaust sound of Harley-Davidson’s professional motorcycle racing exhaust systems. The street performance mufflers are street-legal and safe to use in day-to-day motorcycle driving. They also improve motorcycle performance by improving air flow through the exhaust system.

Specs and Compatibility

The Screaming Eagle Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers are chrome-plated and feature a ballistic-shape inlet and embossed branding details. These mufflers are made to be street-legal in all 50 U.S. states. Models are available that are compatible with all 2007 and newer Harleys with XL engines.


These slip-on muffler kits may require the purchase of additional muffler clamps. To install the muffler, remove your old muffler following your motorcycle’s owner’s manual. Slide the Screaming Eagle muffler onto your exhaust pipe, and finish the installation by clamping it into place.

Care and Safety

After installing the new muffler, wipe off any fingerprints before starting the engine. The fingerprints can burn permanently onto the metal. Wash the muffler with cleaners that are safe on chrome. The safety of the motorcycle’s passengers depend on the correct installation of the muffler. Consult a licensed mechanic if you are unfamiliar with aftermarket modifications. Also, incorrect installation could lead to tickets or fines.