Screaming Eagle Super Tuner Instructions

Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuners install on your bike in minutes.

Screamin’ Eagle’s Super Tuner for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is an all-in-one unit that installs between your home or laptop computer and your Harley’s computer, allowing you to fine-tune the performance of your bike to practically any situation, ranging from drag race settings to finding the optimal fuel economy for a long-distance ride. Care should be taken, however, as there are specific parameters of the motorcycle’s existing tuning that shouldn’t be tampered with. These are outlined for you when you install the software onto your computer, though, helping you to avoid significant damage to your motorcycle’s engine.


1. Open the package that the Super Tuner comes in, and then load the software for the tuner onto your computer. Follow the instructions specific to your computer to get the software installed correctly before you continue.

2. Plug the Super Tuner into your computer with the included USB cable that attaches to the unit. The computer’s program will walk you through a series of steps that allow you to customize the motorcycle’s timing, fuel injection system and a number of other factors. Follow the instructions carefully as you navigate from one screen to the next.

3. Disconnect the Super Tuner from your computer. The settings you selected through the computer’s software will remain stored in the memory for the tuner and will automatically upload to the Harley’s computer when the unit is plugged in.

4. Access the data connection port on your Harley-Davidson. Depending on your model of Harley, this may be located either under the driver’s seat or inside one of the side covers. If you need help locating the port on your specific model of bike, consult the electronics section of your bike’s owner’s manual to locate it.

5. Plug the connector from the Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner into the data connection port of the motorcycle with the ignition switch turned off.

6. Turn the ignition key to the “on” position. You don’t have to start the motorcycle. It will run through a start-up phase. After approximately 10 seconds, press the black button on the face of the Super Tuner unit. The light on the unit will come on. Do not attempt to remove the connector while the red light is on, or you will interrupt the programming sequence. It will take approximately five minutes for the light to turn off.

7. Switch off the motorcycle after the light has turned off on the Super Tuner, and then disconnect the data cable. Replace the side cover or the seat onto the motorcycle, and then crank up the motorcycle’s engine. A test ride will tell you quickly whether the program had the effect you want on the performance of the motorcycle. If it isn’t, reconnect the programmer to the computer, change the settings and then try again.