Seat Removal Instructions For A Harley Davidson Crossbones

The FLSTSB Crossbones pays homage to the motorcycles produced by Harley-Davidson during the roaring ’20s. To further its rigid-framed styling, the Crossbones is fitted with a spring-suspended front fork and seat, evoking the raw appearance of a bobber motorcycle. Switching the sprung seat for one of the many seats offered by Harley-Davidson will increase the machine’s road-going comfort, but requires the rider to remove the original seat first. While the task can appear to be a bit confusing, thanks to the sprung seat’s unusual mounting technique, it is much simpler than you would expect.


1. Lift the rear of the seat to pull the springs off the seat rail cover’s mounting pins, located below the seat on the motorcycle’s frame. Pivot the seat up against its hinge at the front of the saddle and hold it in place.

2. Remove the thumbscrew from the rear of the seat rail cover, using a flat-head screwdriver. Lift the rear of the seat rail cover up and over the spring mounting pins. Pull the seat rail cover toward the rear fender, slipping the curved tab on the front of the cover out of the seat’s hinge. Set the seat rail cover aside.

3. Unscrew the seat hinge’s pivot bolt, using a Torx screwdriver. Pull the seat out of the hinge. Remove the hinge, using a Torx screwdriver to unscrew the hinge’s mounting bolts.

4. Remove the spring mounting pin bracket from the seat rail, using a Torx driver to unscrew the bracket’s mounting bolts.