Select A Chopper Motorcycle

Select a Chopper Motorcycle

With all the interest in choppers and families building motorcycles on TV, many people have have decided that they want a new motorcycle, but they have no idea how many variations of these strange machines there are. When it comes to contacting your bike builder of choice, you need to answer some very basic questions, starting with: What type of rider are you? Are you a part -time biker who will ride only on sunny days with your friends, or are you a full-time biker who will ride this bike everywhere you go? Will you ride alone or with a passenger behind you? Also, and perhaps most importantly, how long have you been riding, and have you ever ridden a chopper before? By giving accurate information, you can help your builder create a bike that you will have fun on while being safe.


1. Decide what type of chopper fits your needs. Bobber–a smaller, more stock-styled bike–is easier to ride and usually suits the less-experienced rider better. Hard tail is a good choice for the rider who does not mind a harsher ride. Typically, it suits a more experienced rider and offers an old-school chopper look. Soft tails feature a smoother, softer ride. They typically are geared toward the rider who logs many miles, or who has back problems that would cause too much discomfort on a hard tail.

2. Determine the appropriate measurements of your new bike. Measure your arm length and the inseam of your leg with a tape measure to determine seat height, foot control distance and handlebar placement. You should feel comfortable and in control while riding and at a stopped position.

3. Determine the finish your would prefer on the chopper. Do you like to polish and clean a lot? Then a very chromed-out motorcycle might be to your liking. If you would rather spend more time riding than cleaning, you might be interested in a painted and powder-coated finish.