Select A Harleydavidson Engagement Ring

Exchange Harley-Davidson rings to symbolize your shared Harley lifestyle.

Harley-Davidson — a name so ubiquitous in our society, it has come to be synonymous with the very principles America was founded upon: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is no wonder then why so many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts are eager to incorporate the company’s products into other aspects of their lives. If this rings true for you, then perhaps the most serious place to bring Harley-Davidson into your life is your marriage. If you and your partner both love Harley-Davidson, give her a Harley engagement ring when you get down on bended knee.


1. Visit your local Harley-Davidson store and ask if they sell rings. If they do not, they may have resources to point you in the direction of a retailer that does sell Harley rings. Ask your local jeweler if they sell, or in some cases make, Harley-Davidson themed jewelry.

2. Visit websites of companies that make or sell Harley-Davidson rings, such as Syd Curtis Designs, The Franklin Mint, Adventure Harley, Doc’s Harley-Davidson or Jostens.

3. Browse the collections. Note which rings you like and bookmark them to return to later. Consider such variations and qualities as size, color, carat, thickness, metals used and gems used. Because Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their simple elegance and industrial styling, as evidenced by the chrome and leather, when selecting a Harley-Davidson ring it may be prudent to look for less flashy rings. Black, silver or platinum lean closer to the Harley aesthetic than other more colorful minerals, such as gold and bronze.

4. Take into consideration that the price of a ring will change with each different quality, either rising in price or decreasing. For example, a higher carat ring will be more expensive than a lesser carat ring.

5. Narrow your selections down to a few rings that meet your standards and pricing limitations. Base your final decision on what is most important to you and to your spouse-to-be. If you are both thoroughly invested in the Harley lifestyle, a ring with a large “HD” logo might be more appropriate than if you think you may lose some interest over time. If the latter is the case, choose a ring with a less noticeable or flashy logo. Some rings can even refer to Harley-Davidson in an indirect fashion, such as sporting a design like a Harley wheel or by having the iconic Harley-Davidson crest but no lettering. Another variation would simply have the words “Harley-Davidson” engraved along the band, eschewing completely any logos or brand imagery.