Select An Atv Power Wheels

Power Wheels products that are considered ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are more durable than the original Power Wheels vehicles. ATV models are designed to handle common driving obstacles and have large wheels. The large frames of ATV Power Wheels are also unique to these models and are preferred by rough riders.


ATV Power Wheels Choices

1. Check out ATV Power Wheels with Ultimate Terrain Action on the Fisher Price Power Wheels website (see Resources below). Watch videos highlighting special features and actual children driving the vehicles.

2. Buy the Jeep Hurricane Power Wheels with Ultimate Terrain Action for a rugged two-seater ride-on toy. The Hurricane comes in several color choices and has a talking dashboard for an engaging driving experience.

3. Enjoy watching toddlers drive a Power Wheels Lil’ Trailer Rider ATV Girls Sports Quad. Select this model only at Toys “R” Us. Locate a store near you or purchase one at the Toys “R” Us website (see Resources below).

4. Select the Fisher Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX ATV from (see Resources below). This ATV should be ridden by children age three and over. It comes with enlarged tires and handlebars that look like the real thing.

The Benefits of ATV Power Wheels

5. Mow the lawn at your leisure with an ATV Power Wheels. All Terrain Vehicle models are designed with soft, large wheels that can find traction even on long grass.

6. Don’t about kids not being able to play on Power Wheels after the rain. Select an ATV Power Wheels and expect results on mud and wet grass.

7. Avoid stopping play due to the Power Wheels getting stuck on common yard obstacles. All Terrain Vehicle Power Wheels can maneuver edging, curbs, sticks and tree roots.

8. Let the kids drive on gravel and bumpy dirt roads with ATV Power Wheels. ATVs can handle terrain other ride-on toys can’t, making them a smart choice for children with a lot of rocky area to drive on.