Sell A Harleydavidson Bike

Some Harley-Davidsons are collectors’ items.

Parting with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle may be hard for some. Regardless of the reason, make sure you have the bike detailed and running in top condition, and then choose a variety of venues for advertising it for sale. Researching an accurate market price will ensure you get top dollar.


1. Research the value of your motorcycle. Many online pricing guides enable you to calculate the value based on its condition, year and mileage.

2. Clean your motorcycle and polish the chrome accents. Take it to your local motorcycle repair shop and have them do a routine spot check to see if anything is in need of immediate repair.

3. Print out color fliers that contain photos of your bike and drop them off at your local auto parts retailer, Harley-Davidson shop or auto mechanic. Many times these locations will have a bulletin board for this type of postings.

4. Place a “for sale” sign on the back of the motorcycle. Add your contact information.

5. Place an advertisement in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Include a photo if possible. In the ad, focus on the best qualities of the motorcycle and what makes it unique.

6. Visit a local Harley-Davidson club. Many cities and towns have local motorcycle clubs. This can help spread the word about your bike. Ask employees at the motorcycle shop or a local motorcycle dealer if they know of any clubs for Harley enthusiasts in the area.

7. Post your motorcycle online. is one way to advertise the motorcycle. Always include photos and a detailed description of the year, mileage and condition of the bike. Other specialty sites for the selling of bikes include and Ebay Motors.