Sell A Motorcycle Online

If you have a motorcycle that you no longer need or want to keep, you don’t have to try to sell it in your newspaper or by placing a “for sale” sign on it. Instead, you can sell your motorcycle online. By selling your motorcycle online with a specialized motorcycle sales website, you can target the specific motorcycle buying audience. You can even sell your motorcycle online for free if you do not have the money to pay for an ad at one of the specialized sites.


1. Take photos of your motorcycle from different angles. Make sure that the photos have good lighting and are not blurry, because you need to use the photos to help sell your bike.

2. Use the NADA Guides website (see Resources) to determine the value of your motorcycle. Once you know what the motorcycle is worth, you will know how much you can sell it for.

3. Create an ad on a motorcycle sales website, such as Cycle Trader, Cycle Classifieds, Classy Bike and eBay Motors. Fees for placing an ad vary. You can also create a free ad on Craigslist. Typically, when you create your ad, you can add the photos of your bike and include a description of it.

4. Wait for calls or emails about your motorcycle. Be prepared to show it to any interested buyers, who may also want to test drive it.

5. Sign over your motorcycle title to the buyer once you agree on a price and accept payment for the bike.