Service A Harley Electra Glide

Performing regular maintenance on your Electra Glide can add years of life to your ride.

Performing scheduled maintenance is an important part of owning a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle. Regular maintenance will help the motorcycle perform at peak capacity and add years to the service life of the bike. Most tasks can be performed in a home garage setting. Ensure that you have the proper tools necessary before beginning. The length of time required to perform these tasks will vary depending on your skill level, but they will typically take two to three hours to complete.


Change the Motor Oil and Filter

1. Run the motorcycle so that it heats up to normal operating temperature. Turn the bike off.

2. Remove the motor oil dipstick located on the right side of the bike. Place an oil drain pan underneath the motorcycle.

3. Remove the oil drain plug on the front of the oil pan, underneath the Harley. Allow all of the oil to drain.

4. Reinstall the oil drain plug.

5. Remove the oil filter with a filter wrench. Clean the oil filter mounting boss with a shop rag.

6. Lubricate the rubber gasket on a new oil filter with clean motor oil. Install the oil filter by hand onto the mounting boss. Hand-tighten it ½-turn after the filter gasket comes into contact with the mounting boss surface.

7. Add 3.5 quarts of 20w50 motorcycle oil into the oil filler plug/dipstick hole.

8. Wipe off the oil dipstick with a shop rag and insert it into the filler hole until it fully seats. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level on it. Add oil as necessary to bring the reading up to the FULL mark. Reinsert the dipstick.

Change the Primary Chain Lubricant

9. Place a drain pan under the motorcycle. Remove the primary chain lubricant chain plug with a T40 TORX drive head. Allow all of the lubricant to drain.

10. Reinstall the drain plug.

11. Remove the five fasteners from the clutch inspection cover (Derby cover) with a hex wrench. Remove the clutch cover and gasket.

12. Add 32 ounces of primary chain case lubricant. The fluid level should reach the bottom edge of the clutch diaphragm spring with the motorcycle standing upright.

13. Place a new clutch cover gasket into position. Reinstall the clutch cover with five fasteners.

Change the Transmission Lubricant

14. Place a drain pan underneath the motorcycle. Use a hex wrench to remove the transmission filler plug from the transmission.

15. Remove the transmission drain plug with a T40 TORX drive head. Allow all of the fluid to drain. Reinstall the drain plug.

16. Add 20 to 24 ounces of Harley transmission lubricant through the filler plug opening to the transmission. Insert the filler plug back into the filler hole.