Service My Vrod

Harley Davidson engines require seasonal service.

The Harley Davidson V-Rod requires periodic service, just like any other motorcycle. This includes changing the oil, inspecting the hydraulic brake fluid, checking the coolant, and inspecting the front and rear brakes for excessive wear. When changing the engine oil, you should consider changing the air filter as part of the same routine; you will find that the service interval for the two items is the same.


1. Jack up the motorcycle with a motorcycle jack, being careful to evenly balance the V-Rod on the jack arms.

2. Position an oil-drain pan underneath the oil-drain plug at the bottom of the crankcase, then use an adjustable wrench to remove the plug.

3. Unbolt the air cleaner assembly from the side of the motorcycle while the engine oil is draining. Beneath this assembly, you will find the engine air filter. Replace this filter with a new filter and throw out the old one.

4. Remove the oil filter from the V-Rod and drain any remaining oil from it or the oil lines into the oil-drain pan. While this is dripping, use a flashlight to inspect the front and rear brake pads.

5. Shine the beam from the flashlight just between the brake pad and the brake disc. You will see a small metal clip. If this metal clip touches the brake disc, you need to replace the brake pads. If you have never accomplished this work before, take it to an authorized Harley Davidson service department to avoid the risk of incorrectly aligning the brake pads onto the calipers and potentially damaging the brake discs.

6. Look at the window in the brake master cylinder. The fluid level should be visible through the window. If it is not, use a screwdriver to loosen the top of the housing, add enough Harley Davidson brand brake fluid to increase the fluid level until it is visible through the window, and then reinstall the cover onto the master cylinder.

7. Check the engine coolant while the engine is cool by opening the radiator cap. The coolant should have a bright, vibrant color to it. If you see spots of rust or dirt inside the radiator cap, drain and flush the radiator, then refill the radiator with Harley Davidson brand engine coolant.

8. Screw the replacement oil filter onto the engine, followed by the oil drain plug. When this is completed, add Harley Davidson engine oil to the oil fill on the side of the engine. The Harley Davidson V-Rod uses five quarts of motor oil. Do not overfill it. When this is complete, close the plug in the oil fill, lower the engine off of the jack, then start the motorcycle. Let it run until it has warmed up to cycle the fresh oil through the engine.