Set A Time Warner Cable Box To Hd

You can access HD programming with your Time Warner Cable box.

Time Warner Cable is a company that offers television programming to customers across the country. When you sign up with Time Warner, you get a cable box professionally installed in your home. This cable box has many functions that allow you to view television programming information and record programs. If you have a television that supports high-definition programming, you can set the box to access high-definition stations by pressing a few buttons on your remote.


1. Connect your Time Warner Cable box to your high-definition television using digital video cables, or an HDMI cable. Plug the cables into the correct input on the rear of your television and make note of the input number.

2. Turn on your Time Warner Cable box and your high-definition television. Use your television remote to change the input mode to the correct input for your cable box.

3. Use the Time Warner Cable box remote to access the guide by pressing the “Guide” button. This will bring up a list of all of the channels that are available through Time Warner cable service. Some of these channels are high-definition, while others are still broadcasting in standard definition. Some channels will have two stations – one standard and one high-definition.

4. Press the “Menu” button on your remote to gain access to the guide options menu. Here you will see several options at the bottom of your screen. Use the navigation buttons to move to the high-definition option that will be shaped like the “HD” symbol. Hit the “OK” button to select this option.

5. Use the navigation buttons to move through the guide. After selecting the “HD” option, you will be moved to the portion of the guide that shows only high definition channels. You can tell which channels are HD by looking at the channel name. If it is HD, it will have “HD” or “D” in the title — for instance, “ESPNHD.” Select the channel you want to watch with the “OK” button. The television will automatically switch to the high-definition mode when you select a high-definition channel.