Set The Alarm On A Harley

The alarm on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is very important. It keeps thieves from riding off on your bike, allowing you to walk away from it for a period of time worry-free. But if your lose your buttonless key fob, there is no way to start the bike without the alarm going off. Be prepared for an emergency by setting the PIN on your Harley alarm.


1. Think of a five-digit PIN, and write it down. Think of this set of numbers as a password for starting your bike and disabling the alarm during those times when you don’t have your fob.

2. Turn the ignition key on, then off, then on, then off, then on again. Then press the left turn-signal switch twice. Press the right turn-signal switch once, and the current PIN should appear in your odometer.

3. Be sure the first digit of the PIN is flashing. Enter the first digit of your new PIN by pressing the left turn signal to cycle through the numbers.

4. Press the right turn signal once to switch to the second digit, and select the correct number with the left turn signal. Repeat this process until your new PIN is entered correctly.

5. Press the right turn signal once, then turn the ignition key off to save the PIN you selected.